2016 BIM Mandate: Further Details Emerge

  • A “stretch target” will require government departments to electronically validate BIM data from suppliers by October 2016.
  • New website to launch by April 2016 and provide all related documentation and guidance.
  • Level 2 BIM required as part of Government Construction Strategy.


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It has been known since 2011 that part of the UK Government’s construction strategy includes a requirement for Level 2 BIM from 2016, however few details have been available to inform the supply chain of how Government departments will implement this.

“Government will require fully collaborative 3D BIM (with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic) as a minimum by 2016.  This refers to all centrally procured Government projects as outlined in the GCS including new build and retained estate, vertical and linear.”

However, reports linked to the BIM Task Group are starting to provide information on what’s ahead in 2016.


Electronic Validation of BIM Data from Suppliers

It has been reported that a “Stretch Target” will require Government Departments to electronically validate the data provided by suppliers by October next year (2016). However details of this are yet to follow.


Standards in BIM

The PAS 1192 suite of documents has been on the table for some time, with varying receptions from the industry and with BIM standards not yet at maturity, it raises the question, is it better to wait for ISO to agree and publish it’s standard for “Organization of information about construction works — Information management using building information modelling” known as ISO 19650. Part 1 of the standard is, at time of writing, at the proposal stage.

And with BS1192:2007 set to become ISO19650-2 it’s likely that an international standard would sit better on an international stage, however this will not be fully published for 2016, in-fact it’s hard to know a definitive timeline.


BIM Certification Options

Certification schemes usually offer an independent assurance of company processes and capabilities; which could be a good way to connect technical data validation with overall management and collaboration processes within the government’s mandate.

However without recognised and mature standards it’s difficult to see an effective scheme emerging, and to date there has been no indication from government that they will recognise, or favour, any of the existing of planned BIM schemes out there.


Level 2 BIM Support Website to Follow

It has been suggested that a website containing support documentation and guidance related to the BIM mandate will be launched before the April 2016 deadline.



By April 2016, BIM Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR) will also have to be provided by all centrally funded government departments, documents that provide information on which models need to be produced during the project stages.

EIRs form part of the appointment and tender documents for BIM projects and also contain information on the level of detail required.

Divided across three aspects:

  • Technical – Includes details of software, definitions of levels of detail.
  • Management – Includes details of management processes such as Standards, Roles & Responsibilities, Collaborative Environment and Health & Safety Management.
  • Commercial – Includes details of BIM Model deliverables and timing of data drops.
  • http://www.bimtaskgroup.org/bim-eirs/


More information can be found on this topic here: