There are various public databases that can be used to validate licences and certifications.  Here are some you might find useful:


FSC Certificate Database

Search for FSC certified products, species and certificate holders online here.  Check the certificate date and scope (product specifications) to ensure compliance.

Data Protection Public Register

Search notifications under the data protection act to ensure that organisations are registered and have the applicable purposes

Environment Agency Public Register

Search for valid permits and licences including Waste Carriers, Dealers and Brokers:

HSE Asbestos Licence Register

List of current asbestos licence holders with addresses.

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) Register

Search Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register:

Have i been PWNED?

“Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach”


Legal Compliance Tools

Use these links to help stay up-to-date with UK Legislation and evaluate your compliance with the related legal requirements.

You can also use the public registers to verify compliance of suppliers and other interested parties as part of your overall risk management programme.

For more assistance with your compliance obligations, a legal compliance audit or other consultancy contact Assent Risk Management.