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About the Risk Briefing

Risk & Compliance Information from Assent is a website run by Assent Risk Management, a consultancy providing Information Security, Environmental, Health & Safety and other risk management services to organisations.  The information here is free to access and use.  More information

Aggregated Information

The risk briefing team at Assent aggregates information from various reliable UK sources to bring you an overview of legal and regulatory requirements.

We particularly focus on:

  • New UK & European Legislation.
  • Changing UK & European Legislation.
  • Changes in regulation.
  • Changes in official guidance or advice.
  • Consultations and proposed changes.

Legal Updates

It can be difficult for organisations to keep up to date with changing legislation and regulatory requirements, so we hope our website and twitter feeds draw your attention to relevant items.

In most cases posts are summarised in  bullet points to help you quickly gain an understanding of the subject.


In addition to official information releases, we have industry opinion and blogs from those who are affected by legislation and other requirements.

Their experiences of dealing with the changing compliance landscape can often provide a useful practical approach.


While we try to identify and include all information we feel relevant and useful, we do not guarantee that every item is included.

There may be additional legal requirements applicable to you and/or your business that is not identified here.

Professional advice should be sought to ensure legal compliance.