Modern laptops can be hijacked through your charger, all you need to know about AI, the latest Brexit news and more.

Information Security

“Researchers warn that Samsung smartphones are vulnerable due to the Meltdown flaw with Intel chips” Read the full article here.


“A neat feature of many modern laptops is the ability to power them up through the USB port. Unlike the rectangular USB ports of old, the newer type – USB-C – can carry enough power to charge your machine.” Read the full article here.

Health & Safety

“According to HSE, skin disorders affect 40% of workers at some point in their career. Occupational skin disorders (OSDs) are amongst the most significant health and safety issues facing industry leaders across the world.” Read the full article here.

“Oil company Shell has been fined £60,000 after a worker on one of its offshore platforms was struck by a cylinder containing compressed air, part of a system that had been installed to extinguish fires.” Read the full article here.


“A picnic is one of life’s greatest treats – but which country does it best?” Read the full article here.


“After living and working abroad and writing 14 cookbooks Thai food became Sallie Morris’s favourite cuisine. Here she shares three of her favourite dishes” Read the full article here.


“A Cambridgeshire waste operator has been sentenced to 4 months in prison, suspended for 2 years.” Read the full article here.


“Scientists warned this week that feedback effects in global warming might tip the Earth into a “hothouse state”, recovery from which could be impossible, even by reductions in CO2 emissions. How frightened should we be about moving from a greenhouse to a hothouse?” Read the full article here.


“The UK Government has insisted smart meters are safe and will help consumers save money on their energy bills.” Read the full article here.


“The Australian Capital Territory has floated a compromise on setting an emissions reduction target in an attempt to break the current impasse on the national energy guarantee, as Victoria toughens its negotiating stance.” Read the full article here.

Mental Health


“With poor financial wellbeing impacting on productivity, a new paper shows that, despite growing interest, there remains a lag in employers taking action in this area – and that Human Resources departments are key to building a business case for support.” Read the full article here.


“We all know that stress has a major impact on our wellbeing and the latest 2018 Cigna 360° Well-Being Survey has highlighted that unmanageable stress has resulted in the UK being ranked the lowest among developed Western countries in terms of wellbeing.” Read the full article here.


“AI is becoming increasingly popular across the world – here are all the latest news and developments you need to know about” Read the full article here.


“BBC Click’s Emily Bates looks at some of the week’s best technology stories” Watch the video here.


“Few issues divide opinions between different age groups quite as sharply as Brexit. And it could be that the differences are becoming even more pronounced.” Read the full article here.


“Research shows 66 per cent of EU nationals living in the UK rent private housing” Watch the video here.

The Lighter Side     

“A lot of people might have different answers for what qualifies as “the best job in the world,” but Matt Hart is positive that he is working one of them.” Read the full article here.


“Northern white rhinos are functionally extinct, as only two females of this species are left on the planet – but there is still hope for the species thanks to a revolutionary scientific breakthrough.” Read the full article here.


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