Assent Introduces Digital Audit Process

Digital Audit

Professional Services company Assent has launched a new process using it’s Risk Assist Service Desk, to help customers keep up with management system tasks such as audits, reviews and tests.


Maintaining a Management System

There are several reoccurring tasks that exist in ISO Management Systems to ensure it remains current and effective; Audits, Review Meetings, Backup/BCP tests and feedback programmes to name a few. While a good internal audit programme will usually identify tasks that have fallen behind, our new Digital Audit process takes proactive action to verify they have taken place.


Risk Assist risk-assist-01

Through our existing internal audits or an on-boarding process, information is entered in to our system and raises a ticket on our Risk Assist Service Desk before tasks are due to occur.  Our office team will then review all tickets to verify if the task has taken place, before escalating it to your attention if there’s no evidence available.


Monitored by Professional Services

The Digital Audit process is more than reminders in a calendar.  It is monitored and supported by our consultants and auditors from our professional services team.  Which means experienced people are verifying aspects of your system in-between your audits, and are available to advise you on corrective actions if records fall behind.


Complimentary to Support Clients

The Digital Audit process is provided at no extra cost to clients who have an annual support agreement with our professional services team, and those who subscribe to our Risk Assist Service Desk.


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