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BIS Report: Cyber governance health check 2014

Cyber Security


  • Results from an online ‘tracker’ tool, to understand and improve how FTSE 350 companies are managing cyber security risks.
  • 58% of companies had assessed themselves against the government’s “10Steps“ cyber security guidance.
  • 88% of companies now include cyber-risk in their risk register.

Original Author: BIS
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The cyber governance health check uses results from the ‘tracker’, an online tool that assesses and reports levels of cyber security awareness and preparedness in FTSE 350 companies. This report contains results from the 2014 cyber governance health check and compares results with the 2013 report. Confidential individual benchmarking reports are also provided for each participating company. This allows companies to compare their governance behaviours with others and helps them to identify their different vulnerabilities.

This report is part of the government’s National Cyber Security programme, which aims to make the UK one of the safest places in the world to do business in cyber space.