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Blog: The next smartphone could bend, fold and even roll!

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Doesn’t it irritate you when you finally purchase the latest iPhone 7 plus, only to discover it’s large 6.23inch long screen won’t fit into your jean pocket? Well that problem may soon enough be resolved!

At the university of British Columbia, engineers have created a bendy gel-like material which has the potential to become the screen for many smartphones and tablets.

What will this screen enable users to do?

The flexible, low cost material allows the phone to bend, fold and even roll without breaking. A stretchable phone means that you can have a larger screen which fits not just in your hand, but also your pockets and purse.

Not only could the material be used for smartphones and tablets

The material is made from layers of gel and silicone packed with pressure detected sensors. Not only could this material be used for phones, but also for clothing, artificial skin and roads to detect crashes.

Similar models have been designed by Samsung

The University of British Columbia aren’t the only engineers working on this device, Samsung have been studying and designing one very similar for many years, their aim is to release an offering this year. Mass production could be a potential issue along with a few more hurdles for Samsung to overcome.

Why have past attempts failed?

The main reason why engineers have struggled to make this design is due to the struggle of the sensors distinguishing touch to stretch, but things are starting to look hopeful.


What’s your opinion on a flexible smartphone?