BS 8555;2016 Now Available

BS 8555:2016 Environmental Management Systems Phased Implementation Guide has been revised to bring it in to line with ISO 14001;2015. Here is some more information on what it is and how it can be useful to your organisation.


What is BS 8555?

BS 8555 was first released in 2003 and was designed to assist companies in the implementation of an environmental management system by using a more manageable, phase-based approach. There are five stages, all of which are suitable for all sizes and types of organisation and can be stopped at any time, but when the stages are followed through to completion they naturally lead on to the commencement of ISO14001 certification.

BS 8555 helps organisations to better understand and control those processes that could affect their environmental performance and can help to ensure regulatory compliance, as well as highlighting any processes or events that could be made more economic. It can also help the organisation to co-ordinate environmental management with other management systems, set up evaluation techniques, keep up to date with environmental changes (including legislation) and assist the organisation in dealing with environmental events or challenges they may face in the future.


What has changed with this revision?

BS 8555 has been revised to work directly with ISO 14001;2015 increasing the focus on leadership, improvement, risks and opportunities. The framework created through BS 8555;2015 is ideal for organisations with multiple sites as it is easily adaptable to the subtle differences throughout an organisation.

Phases two and three now have more focus on managing risk and legislative compliance, and phase six has been removed to simplify and shorten the standard.


How can it help outside of ISO Certification?

BS 8555;2015 helps the organisation establish key environmental performance indicators and analysis, helps satisfy certain environmental performance criteria set by regulators and potential clients, and can help bridge the gap before ISO 14001;2015 Certification is achieved. It can also help to identify key areas for improvement, such as where processes or equipment are not efficient or economical and can provide evidence of the organisation’s commitment to improving their environmental performance and responsible decision making.


What does BS 8555 include?

  • Introduction
  • Scope
  • Normative References
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Implementation Process
  • Additional Support Tools
  • The EMAS Regulations
  • Links between BS 8555 and ISO 14001
  • Bibliography


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