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Call for Evidence: Decreasing the Cost of Energy

Resulting from the publication of Professor Dieter Helm CBE’s review, people are being asked to submit their opinions on how the cost of energy can be cut.

On 7th November the government launched a call for evidence on reducing the cost of energy, following a publication by Professor Dieter Helm CBE.

Professor Helm’s review summaries recommendations on how to decrease expenses in the power system, while ensuring the UK reaches its climate change goals.

Professor Helm built on the Industrial Strategy Green Paper written by the government and was asked to reflect on the electricity supply chain of generation, transmission, distribution and supply, and recommend how to decrease costs in each part.

Following Professor Helm’s recommendations, the Government are now looking into the opinions of industry, businesses and consumer groups.

Greg Clark, who is a Business and Energy Secretary has stated:

“Energy bills are too high for consumers. We have been clear that we are committed to bringing down costs, both for households and for businesses.

“I commissioned this review to start a debate about the future of our energy markets. Now I am opening up that debate, asking everyone with an interest to give us their views on Professor Helm’s ideas for bringing down the cost of energy for consumers.”

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