CMA consults on unfair contract terms guidance

Unfair Contracts


  • Consultation on a suite of draft unfair contract terms guidance.
  • Helps explain the Consumer Rights Bill
  • Closes 30 March 2015

Original Author: Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)
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The guidance is aimed at helping businesses ensure that the contract terms and notices that they use with consumers are fair.

The new Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) guidance updates and expands 2 key information documents for business, in the light of expected legislative changes. This guidance helps explain the Consumer Rights Bill, which is now going through Parliament, and if passed, would consolidate and enhance the protection for consumers offered by existing unfair contract terms laws.

It is expected to come into force as an Act later in 2015.

The consultation will run for 9 weeks, closing on 30 March 2015. The CMA will publish a final version of the guidance and a summary of the responses received.