The Latest Major Cyber Attack is on its way!

Your Risk Digest this week includes ANOTHER major cyber attack, Rivers at Risk, the First Floating Windfarm and much more…

Cyber Security

Information Security

“INTERVIEW: Silicon discusses machine learning in cyber security with Dr Giovanni Vigna, co-founder and CTO of Lastline” Read the full article


“Another massive ransomware attack has broken out in Ukraine and appears to be spreading across the world in a similar vein of the WannaCry cyber attack.” Read the full article.

Health & Safety

“Recently named as one of the most influential people in Health and safety, Dr. Shaun Davis is a well respected figure in the profession. SHP sat down with Davis to talk health and safety and “Feeling First Class.”” Read the full article.


“Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has been fined for health and safety failings after a patient fell to his death.” Read the full article. 


“Geeta’s Foods Ltd is recalling Makhani Butter Chicken Sauce Kit and Royal Korma Sauce Kit.” Read the full article.


“Sainsbury’s recalls several of its Deli Fillers products due to the presence of…”Read the full article.


“More than a quarter of rivers and over half the chalk streams in England are at risk of drying out, wildlife experts have warned.” Read the full article.


“The world’s open grasslands and the beneficial fires that sustain them have shrunk rapidly over the past two decades, thanks to a massive increase in agriculture, according to a new study led by University of California, Irvine and NASA researchers published today in Science.” Read the full article.


“Banks should disclose lending to companies with carbon-related risks, according to recommendations in a new report by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.” Read the full article.


“The world’s first floating windfarm has taken to the seas in a sign that a technology once confined to research and development drawing boards is finally ready to unlock expanses of ocean for generating renewable power.” Read the full article.


“While it might seem daunting, travelling alone is something everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. Not only will you to manage your own itinerary and do things on your own terms, but it allows you to meet incredible people and really grow as a person” Read the full article.


“The best and worst broadband speeds in the UK have been revealed.” Read the full article.


“Facebook has completed a second test of a solar-powered drone designed to bring internet access to remote parts of the world.” Read the full article.

Summer 2015 Budget


“The proportion of UK residents’ disposable income that goes into savings has fallen to a record low. The savings ratio – which measures the outgoings and incomings that affect households – has been falling sharply for more than a year.” Read the full article.


“Britain’s hard-pressed consumers are increasingly turning to credit cards, overdrafts and loans to support their spending, according to the Bank of England.” Read the full article.


“Britons will realise they “made a mistake” over Brexit if the EU flourishes, Germany’s finance minister is hoping. Wolfgang Schaeuble outlined his wish for the bloc to perform “so well” it leads UK voters to change their mind on leaving the EU.” Read the full article.


“DUBLIN was warned to tread lightly after last year’s Brexit vote and not launch an “opportunistic grab” for London businesses eager to stay within the EU, it has been reported.” Read the full article.

The Lighter Side    

“A complete R2-D2 made from pieces salvaged from the Star Wars films has sold for $2.76m (£2.13m).” Read the full article.


“A new island has formed in the Bermuda Triangle, but people are being told to stay away.

Nicknamed Shelly Island by locals because of the large number of shells on it, the mile-long sand bank appeared over the last couple of months.” Read the full article.


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