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Risk Digest: 10th February 2017

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 10th February 2017.

Information Security

Mac Malware found hiding in Fake Adobe Flash Update

Researchers found the MacDownloader malware hiding inside a fake Adobe Flash update installer.


UK firms fail cyber-readiness test

UK firms are falling behind on cyber readiness, with over a third claiming to have changed nothing despite suffering a security incident in the past year, according to a leading insurer.

Health & Safety

Report shows 42% increase in hand-arm vibration non-compliance

Building Safety Group, the UK’s largest construction safety group, has reported a 42% rise in the number of ‘Hand Arm Vibration’ non-compliances recorded through site inspections.


Four deny charges over lawyer’s death

Four people and three companies have denied a total of 13 charges relating to the death of Amanda Telfer, 43, who was killed when she was crushed by three window frames, as she walked past a building site in Hanover Square, Mayfair, London, on 30 August 2012.


Social media phishing attacks soar 500%

Social media phishing attacks jumped by a massive 500% in Q4, driven by a huge increase in fraudulent accounts including many posing as customer support for big name brands, according to Proofpoint.


MPs threaten to fine Facebook and Twitter £2m over online abuse

Social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter could face fines of up to £2 million for failing to stem harassment on their platforms if a new bill introduced to parliament becomes law.


23 EU Countries Breaking EU Air Quality Laws.

European air quality laws are being flouted in more than 130 cities across 23 of the 28 EU member states, the European Commission said yesterday (6 February).


Ikea Launches Kitchen Range made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

New KUNGBACKA kitchen front range manufactured using recycled PET-bottles and wood

Energy Saving


Veolia team up with Southern Water for Renewables Scheme

Global resource management company, Veolia, is helping Southern Water derive even more of its power from sewage.  The company is installing new combined heat and power (CHP) engines at three of Southern Water’s treatment works


Lord’s goes 100% Renewable

Lord’s has become the first cricket ground in the country to run on 100% renewable energy, as new figures reveal the increasing disruption to cricket caused by extreme weather patterns linked to climate change.


Blog: Should mental health first aid be mandatory?

One in four of us will experience a mental health problem in the course of a year. Mental ill health in England is costing the country £105.2 billion causing untold pain and suffering to millions across the country and their friends and families. Still, despite these statistics I still feel like it seems it is taboo to speak about or ask about mental health.


Is the gym the best place to exercise?

A new study says gym-goers are indeed fitter and healthier than non-members. But there are other ways to stay fit, and some of them may be even more beneficial


Automation replaces hundreds of Goldman-Sachs jobs

The investment bank explained at a symposium in the United States how computer algorithms and automated programs had replaced at least 600 highly-paid equity traders.
Samsung factory fire caused by faulty batteries

A fire that drew out 110 firefighters and 19 trucks to a factory operated by Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery supplier, Samsung SDI, was caused by discarded faulty batteries, the company has said.


MPs approve triggering of Article 50

The bill now goes to the Lords before the PM invokes Article 50, which she has promised to do by the end of March.


Local voting figures shed light on EU Referendum

The BBC has obtained a more localised breakdown of votes from nearly half of the local authorities which counted EU referendum ballots last June. This information provides much greater depth and detail in explaining the pattern of how the UK voted.

The Lighter Side

New dead sea scrolls cave uncovered

Archaeologists have found a cave that once housed Dead Sea scrolls in a cliff in the Judean desert – the first such discovery in over 60 years.


New human floating chain record set in Argentina

A new world record has been set for human floating by almost 2,000 people in Argentina.


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