Risk Digest: 11th November 2016

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 11th November 2016.

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Information Security

Eight Steps to Beat the Online Bank Fraudsters

Last weekend 9,000 Tesco Bank customers had their accounts raided and hackers may have obtained log-in details for around 40,000 accounts


Spies Join the Hunt for Tesco Bank Hackers

Tesco confirmed that its system had fallen victim to a ‘sophisticated, systematic attack’ that hit a quarter of its accounts. GCHQ – Britain’s digital eavesdropping service that specializes in online crime – has joined the search to find the hackers responsible

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Health & Safety

End to drivers’ mobile phone points loophole.

Some police forces allow first-time offenders to avoid penalty points by attending remedial course but the Government says the workshops aren’t a tough enough measure. Fines and penalty points are doubled.


Waste Firm Fined £80,000 After Man was Buried by 30ft rubbish pile

Industrial cleaner operated shredding machine alone and outside the truck cab as the cab was absent for repairs.


Network Rail Fined £4million After Level Crossing Death.

In August 2011, Brenda McFarland, 82, was killed at the Gipsy Lane crossing in Needham Market, Suffolk, while walking to feed her chickens at a nearby farm.



Sugary drinks could be banned from hospitals.

Sugary drinks could be banned from hospitals in England in a bid to tackle the rising number of overweight NHS staff and help doctors and nurses practice what they preach.


Meat and Dairy You Can Eat After Its Sell-By Date.

Every year the UK throws away 7million tonnes of food and drink, but this could be reduced with a change of attitude towards sell-by dates.

Electronic devices

Social Media

Facebook Ordered to Stop Collecting Data from UK WhatsApp Users.

The ICO has told Facebook to halt collecting data from UK WhatsApp users while it investigates privacy and consent of the app’s changes to policy.


Facebook Knows More About You Than You May Realise.

There are 98 things that Facebook uses to target you with adverts, many you don’t even know about.



Gardeners Urged to Grow More Winter Plants to Help Bees.

Gardeners are being urged to grow more winter blooming plants to provide food and shelter for bees during the winter months.


Britain’s Last Coal Plants to Close by 2025.

The Government is planning to phase out the most polluting fossil and replace it with cleaner sources, such as gas, to meet climate commitments

Information Security


Video: Robot Claims Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solving Time.

A robot took just 0.637 seconds to solve a scrambled Rubik’s Cube at a trade show in Germany.


Google Adds “Un-send” Button to Email App.

An “Undo” feature has been added to Gmail which is active for five seconds after you press send.

Cute white rabbit with colorful easter eggs in magician hat

The Lighter Side

Jeremy the “Lefty” Snail, Finds Love.

A snail whose shell twists the wrong way has been found a mate after extensive searching by scientists.


Baby Koala Found in Woman’s Bag.

Alfred the baby koala is “doing well” after Australian police found him hidden in a woman’s handbag.


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