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Risk Digest: 17th February 2017

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 17th February 2017.

Information Security

Dozens of cyber attacks linked to Lazarus Hacker Group

Symantec says that banks in 31 countries have been hit by the Lazarus Hacker Group


Lack of cyber security skills to be tackled with National Cyber Security Centre

Research shows that UK organisations are being left vulnerable to cyber security threats due to a lack of cyber security skills, as the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) is launched.

Health & Safety

Video warns of irreparable hearing damage

A new video aimed to raise awareness of life-changing consequences of hearing damage has been released by Honeywell.


Ten year old dies after Topshop furniture falls on him.

Police have confirmed that a 10-year-old boy has died after a piece of furniture fell on him in a Topshop store, at the Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading, at around 16.15 GMT on the 13th February.

Business Continuity

Why business resilience should be about people, not algorithms.

To become more widely accepted the business continuity and resilience profession needs to change its focus from science and analysis; and it needs to understand that people should be at the heart of a resilient businesses. Paul Kudray explains…


The what, how and why of the cyber security threat landscape

 David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, describes the cyber security threats that are emerging and why these trends are occurring.


Blog: Older cars to pay extra £10 charge in London

The Mayor of London has announced that so-called T-Charge vehicles are to be subject to an extra £10 charge on top of the congestion charge when driving in London.


Tiny plastic pellets found on 73% of UK beaches

A search of hundreds of beaches across the UK has found almost three-quarters of them are littered with tiny plastic pellets. The lentil-size pellets known as “nurdles” are used as a raw material by industry to make new plastic products.

Solar Panels


National Trust champions on-site renewables revolution

The National Trust is continuing its march towards self-sufficient energy generation, having produced 12% of its heat from on-site renewable energy sources in 2016 – four years ahead of Britain’s national renewable heat targets.


London Mayor announces 100% electric bus routes

The London mayor said next spring, 36 buses on routes C1 and 70, which run between White City and Victoria and between South Kensington and Acton respectively, will become electric only.


Microsoft uses Onenote app to help children with Dyslexia

Microsoft’s OneNote app has been helping British children with learning difficulties improve their reading and spelling.


Angry? Don’t let it get to you and you’ll make a bigger difference.

“If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention,” goes an old slogan. I take the point, I suppose, but it’s always struck me as wrongheaded. More and more, these days, getting enraged feels like an addictive emotional experience that tricks you into thinking it might be effective, but mainly just serves as a distraction.

Information Security


Apple to mark iPhone 10th anniversary with “iPhone X” model

Market rumours tell of three new models in 2017; the usual updates to the current handset and it’s plus counterpart, and a special 10th anniversary premium model.


Blackberry hits Nokia with patent violation lawsuit

Blackberry has filed a lawsuit against Nokia for patent violation over products such as Flexi Multiradio base stations and Liquid Radio software.


Former PM Tony Blair makes Brexit Speech

Tony Blair has accused a “debilitated” Labour party of allowing a disastrous Brexit to happen, as he called for a cross-party political movement to oppose leaving the EU.

Brexit: all you need to know

This article is designed to be an easy-to-understand guide to the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.


The Lighter Side

Confused driver ends up stuck on steps in central London

A “confused” driver who got lost and took a wrong turn in central London ended up careering down pedestrian steps. Pictures posted on social media showed the black Toyota wedged on a flight of stairs at Broadgate Circle near Liverpool Street station.


Sky-gazing drivers causing a hazard in Iceland

Officers in southern Iceland say that twice last week they had to pull over cars driving erratically, initially on suspicion that the drivers had been drinking. But on both occasions the entirely sober visitors were simply mesmerised by the appearance of the Aurora Borealis in the sky above them.



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