Risk Digest: 1st July 2016

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 1st July 2016.


Information Security Consumer Data

China moves closer to adopting controversial cybersecurity law

Reuters, 27/06/2016

China moved closer on Monday to adopting a controversial cybersecurity law, after parliament held a second reading of the draft rules, which carry significant consequences for domestic and foreign business and threaten greater censorship.

ICO: Future UK Data Protection Laws Must Equal Those Of EU

TechWeek Europe, 24/06/2016

Safe Habour advice. British data protection act should be used when transferring data to US, says ICO

Security Tool Strengthens Tor And ‘Foils’ FBI Attacks

TechWeek Europe, 27/06/2016

The tool, called Selfrando, could greatly improve on the attack protection provided by techniques such as ASLR, researchers say

Bart Ransomware ‘Bypasses Corporate Firewalls’

TechWeek Europe, 27/06/2016

The ‘Bart’ ransomware doesn’t need to connect to an external server before encrypting a system’s files and demanding £1,500

Oculus chief latest social media hack victim

BBC News, 30/06/2016

The chief executive of Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus, Brendan Iribe, has become the latest in a string of company bosses to have their social media accounts hacked.


Health & Safety Load Safety

After deadly China tornado, rescuers clean up hazardous chemicals

Reuters, 26/06/2016

Rescue workers have been trying to safely dispose of hazardous chemicals after a deadly tornado hit eastern China on Thursday, killing at least 98 people and injuring more than 800 others, Chinese state media reported late on Saturday.

ISO 45001 Development Schedule Likely to be Delayed

SGS, 03/06/2016

Publication of the highly anticipated ISO 45001 is likely to be delayed after the Draft International Standard failed to gain approval by the committee ISO/PC 283.


Food   Food Safety

How Food Can Save the World

Huffpost Green, 29/06/2016



Mergers & Acquisitions: Management System Continuity

Environment Plastic bags

Major companies sign up to universal freight emissions framework

Edie.net, 24/06/2016

Leading multinational companies Deutsche Post DHL Group, Hewlett-Packard (HP), DB Schenker, Kuehne+Nagel and Intel have committed to adopting a universal framework to calculate the carbon footprint of their freight and logistics supply chain.

Learning From Volkswagen’s $10 Billion Sustainability Mistake

Huffpost Green, 27/06/2016

As Volkswagen continues to struggle in the aftermath of their deceptive emissions reporting scheme, they are starting to pay for some of the costs of their mistake.

A New Film Explores How To Make Phones Without So Much Waste

Huffpost Green, 23/06/2016

One of the more overlooked environmental concerns of the near future is the impact of the near-constant rate of electronics replenishment in the developed world. Cell phones don’t recycle easily.

Amazon fires: Humans make rainforest more flammable

BBC News, 29/06/2016

Human disturbances are making the Amazon rainforest more flammable, according to researchers.

Civil Society To Prime Minister Turnbull: Go 100% Renewable To Save The Reef

Huffpost Green, 29/06/2016

Top 5 Reasons To Ban Oil Trains Immediately

Huffpost Green, 29/06/2016

‘Healing’ detected in Antarctic ozone hole

BBC News, 30/06/2016

Researchers say they have found the first clear evidence that the thinning in the ozone layer above Antarctica is starting to heal.



Invest in ISO for Stability

Energy Energy Switching

London’s South Bank Tower to generate electricity from solar rooftop system

Edie.net, 24/06/2016

London’s South Bank Tower is expected to save around 11,850 kg of C02 after a 100-panel, 26 kilowatt-peak (kWp) solar PV system was installed on the roof of the newly-developed skyscraper.

Solar could provide up to 13% of global electricity by 2030, reports reveal

Edie.net, 24/06/2016

Off the back of a year of record growth for the solar sector, a flurry of new reports this week have illustrated how a “booming” industry has paved way for a cost-leading power generation technology which could dramatically increase in capacity in the near future.

The World Could Get A Third Of Its Energy From Renewables By 2030

Huffpost Green, 28/06/2016

The world could see nearly a third of its energy coming from renewable energy sources in just over a decade.

EBRD supports global initiative to reduce gas flaring

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), 30/06/2016

The EBRD has thrown its weight behind a global drive to minimise energy waste and pollution by supporting an initiative to reduce gas flaring, the burning of gases in the crude oil production process.

 British Gas offers free electricity at weekends

BBC News, 01/07/2016

British Gas is to offer free electricity for eight hours at weekends to two million customers who have smart meters installed.


Other News  Print machine offset

Funding honoured for EU students in UK

BBC News, 27/06/2016

Students from the European Union starting university courses in the UK this autumn will have their student loans funding honoured, University Minister Jo Johnson has said.

Market pressure eases after Brexit rout

BBC News, 28/06/2016

Pressure has eased on UK financial markets after two days of turmoil in the wake of the Brexit vote, with the FTSE 100 share index opening higher.

UK shares and pound continue to recover

BBC News, 29/06/2016

UK shares and the pound have continued to regain some of the ground lost in the wake of the Brexit vote.

‘Old school’ synthesiser built 40 years on

BBC News, 29/06/2016

An electronic sequencer and synthesiser has been built based on designs produced more than 40 years ago by electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram.

School population rises by 121,000

BBC News, 28/06/2016

The school population in England increased by 121,000 since last year, according to annual figures from the Department for Education.

You Should Worry About This Evernote Update, Even If You Don’t Use It

The Huffington Post, 28/06/2016

First 5G Standard To Be Set By 2018 As Nokia Shows Off Next Gen Network

TechWeek Europe, 9/06/2016

5G standardisation gets a roadmap as Nokia and Huawei show off latest technologies at 5G World and MWC Shanghai



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