Risk Digest: 20th January 2017

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 20th January 2017.

Information Security

WhatsApp Denies it has Compromised Encryption with “Back-Door”

Researcher says WhatsApp can reissue encryption keys for offline devices, compromising privacy. WhatsApp says there is no backdoor and design decision saves millions of messages
Airport Gate Screens “Expose Personal Data” of Passengers

A public gate display at a European airport exposed passenger names and booking codes, according to Symantec researcher found

Health & Safety

Ejection Seat Firm in Court Following Red Arrow Pilot Death

An ejection seat firm has appeared in court for an alleged breach of health and safety law over the death of a Red Arrows pilot in 2011.


“Reckless” Business Man Jailed Following Factory Roof Death

A Birmingham businessman has been sentenced to 30 months in prison, after a man fell to his death from a factory roof.


Wilko Fined £2.2million after “Horrific Workplace Accident”

Household goods giant Wilko has been fined £2.2million after an incident at a Leicester store left a 20-year-old female worker paralysed, after a cage full of paint tins fell on her.

Food Safety


Thorntons Recalls Hollow Milk Chocolate Jolly Santa

Thorntons is recalling all batches of its Hollow Milk Chocolate Jolly Santa because they may contain a piece of plastic.


Warning about Frozen Meat and Fish Products Supplied by MDA Products Ltd

Consumers are being warned not to eat a number of food products, mainly frozen fish and chicken, supplied by MDA Products Ltd. The products have been repackaged in an unapproved premises and are therefore potentially unsafe.


Asda Creates Online Food Waste Marketplace App

Supermarket giant Asda has launched an app that delivers an online platform for suppliers to exchange surplus food to help eliminate food waste in the supply chain.


Unilever Commits to 100% Recyclable Packaging by 2025

Unilever today committed to ensuring that all of its plastic packaging is fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 as it called on the entire fast-moving consumer goods industry to accelerate progress towards the circular economy.


Ikea Sent Zero Waste to Landfill in 2016

An Ikea sustainability report has revealed the Swedish furniture firm sent zero waste to landfill in the UK for the first time in 2016.

Mental Health


“How Can I Cope Better With Stress?”

Some people can bounce back from life’s pressures, but others do not seem to have the capacity. Can anything help them to strengthen their emotional armour?


How to Have a Positive Day at Work – Every Day

“As an entrepreneur, I know only too well that business can be challenging. But the one thing that’s key to success? A positive mindset – at work and home.”

Cyber Security


Kohli Ventures Launches $25m Investment Fund to Boost UK Tech

Serial entrepreneur Tej Kohli has announced the launch of the Kohli Impact Investment Initiative, a $25m investment fund to boost UK tech.


11 UK Tech Entrepreneurs on Forbes “30 Under 30” List

Some 11 UK tech entrepreneurs have been honored in this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list, featuring 300 young innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders from across Europe.


Minecraft Link to Net’s Biggest Botnet

Malware that launched the net’s largest ever cyber-attack last year had links to Minecraft servers, according to those investigating it.

Other News 

Making Chernobyl Safe and Secure for Future Generations

The sliding of the New Safe Confinement into position at Chernobyl last November was a magnificent engineering achievement and the highlight of the EBRD’s near 20 year involvement in efforts to put the nuclear plant on a safe and secure long term footing.


The Hidden Strengths of Unloved Concrete

Nearly 20 years ago, poor families in Coahuila state in Mexico were offered an unusual handout from a social programme called Piso Firme. It was not a place at school, a vaccination, food, or even money. It was $150 (£118) worth of ready-mixed concrete.


May Warns Business Leaders Not to Fuel Division

Theresa May has told leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos that the UK will be a “world leader” on trade.


UK Tech Reacts to May’s Brexit Speech

Prime Minister Theresa May wants to ensure the UK remains a “magnet” for international talent, pioneers and innovators.

The Lighter Side

RSPCA Reveals List of Comic Mistaken Calls

The RSPCA have released a list of their more bizarre call outs from the public – revealing a pattern for people mistaking inanimate objects for live creatures.


Hooting Owls Cause Coastguard Call in Devon

A coastguard alert was sparked in Devon after a member of the public was alarmed by the sounds of two “amorous owls” calling to each other.



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