Risk Digest: 20th May 2016

Risk Digest

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 20th May 2016.

Information Security / Cloud / Cyber Security  Cloud Security

Blockchain teamwork could help banks fight hackers

Hackers’ forum suffers data breach

US DoD: ‘China Ramped Up Cyber Warfare Capabilities in 2015’

ATMs Targeted With Improved “Skimer” Malware 

SAP HANA Will Run On Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

117 million LinkedIn emails and passwords from a 2012 hack just got posted online

Office 365 Security Risks Rise As Corporate Adoption Increases

France DGSE: Spy service sets school code-breaking challenge


Environment / Economy  Solar Panels

British CCS ‘could service many parts of mainland Europe’

UK inflation rate falls on cheaper air fares

Total’s boss says North Sea oil and gas ‘has a future’

Stoke on Trent angler arrested over the weekend

How are cities around the world tackling air pollution?

Business as usual approach pushing the world past its environmental boundary, says IEMA

Internet of Things ‘can unlock huge range of circular economy opportunities’

Queen’s Speech: UK will be at ‘forefront’ of climate action and green transport


Health & Safety / Health & Wellbeing  Construction Design and Management Regs

We saw magic mushrooms lift long-term depression. It’s time for a change of perception

Vauxhall Zafira B cars recalled again over fire risk


World News  man holding digital map

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube face action over hate speech

Thailand to close Koh Tachai island over tourism damage

Canada wildfire: Oil workers urged to leave Fort McMurray camps


Food  Food Safety

McDonald’s fish: Row over sustainability ‘cover-up’


Education  e-learning concept

Brexit ‘risks international student recruitment’

University of East Anglia bans mortarboard throwing

Ban on throwing mortar boards is a tired health and safety myth


Technology / Science Tech

Google to phase out full support for Flash on Chrome

GCHQ intelligence agency joins

UK developing digital driving licence

‘Smart leg’ makes engineering prize shortlist Market graphs

Otto offers retro-fit driverless lorries

Driverless cars will change everything — and could be disastrous for one industry

London And Bristol Named UK’s Top Smart Cities

Why VCs Have Invested More Than $200M in Container Tech

Android Pay in UK: A tipping point for mobile payments?

Security Experts Warn Government Over Driverless Car Plans

The UK firm that wants to give big spenders a big shock

Google patents ‘sticky car’ to reduce crash injuries



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