Risk Digest: 22nd July 2016

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 22nd July 2016.


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Pokemon Go Hit By Possible DDoS Attack

TechWeek Europe, 18/07/2016

Players suffer massive weekend outages as PoodleCorp claim responsibility for DDoS attack

A hacking group called PoodleCorp has claimed responsibility for the massive Pokemon Go outages over the weekend.

United States joins case over Facebook data transfers from EU

Reuters, 19/07/2016

The United States can join a landmark case on the legality of cross-border data transfers, an Irish court ruled on Tuesday in a move that gives U.S. authorities a platform to defend their surveillance laws before the European Union’s top court

EU court adviser backs data retention with strict rules

Reuters, 19/07/2016

Telecoms operators in the European Union may be required to retain customer communications data as long as it is strictly necessary to fight serious crime and does not unduly interfere with privacy, an adviser to the top EU court said on Tuesday.

France data authority criticises Windows 10 over privacy

BBC News, 21/07/2016

Windows 10 gathers an “excessive” amount of personal data on users, the French data authority has said in a formal notice.


Health & Safety Construction Design and Management Regs

Green Chemistry Is The Path To Chemical Safety

Huffpost Green, 14/07/2016

Pokémon Go: a health and safety concern?

Safety & Health Practitioner (SHP), 21/07/2016


Food Food Safety

Opportunities and Barriers for Food Waste Reduction

Huffpost Green, 15/07/2016

Lytham Foods recalls a variety of its Freshbite wraps

Food Standards Agency, 20/07/2016

Lytham Foods is recalling a variety of its Freshbite Wraps because of concerns over the company procedures that are in place to control Clostridium botulinum.


Social IMG_5388 (002)

Social media harms moral development, parents say

BBC News, 18/07/2016

A majority of parents in the UK believe social media harms their children’s moral development, a survey has suggested.


How ISO 9001:2015 addresses Employee Wellbeing

How ISO 9001:2015 addresses Employee Wellbeing

Environment Autumn leaves

Farming and forestry can deliver food security, says UN

BBC News, 18/07/2016

Improving co-operation between nations’ farming and forestry sectors will help reduce deforestation and improve food security, a UN report has suggested.

Paris Agreement Very Likely To Enter Into Force This Year

Huffpost Green, 15/07/2016

Changing Environmental Values and a Changing World

Huffpost Green, 18/07/2016

EU Member States offered climate target flexibility in bid to cut emissions

edie.net, 20/07/2016

EU member states will be able to bank annual emissions savings from sectors such as agriculture and transport, and use them in later years to meet their climate targets, under EU legislation set to be put forward today (20 July).

PAS 2080: Construction industry welcomes new guidance on carbon reduction in infrastructure

edie.net, 20/07/2016

UK construction firms have praised the release of a new common framework for reducing carbon emissions when delivering infrastructure projects, which could mark a “key step-change” in supply chain sustainability.

Jaguar Land Rover: manufacturing more resource efficient cars

Innovate UK, 21/07/2016

A car maker is radically increasing the amount of recycled materials used in its manufacturing thanks to a project supported by Innovate UK.

WRAP reports Resource Revolution progress in latest Annual Review

edie.net, 21/07/2016

The launch of the Courtauld Commitment 2025, the development of a series of robust resource efficiency campaigns and the brokering of voluntary agreements across various sectors represent some of the key highlights in WRAP’s Annual Review.

Vehicle emissions standard forms ‘centrepiece’ of EU’s low-carbon vision

edie.net, 21/07/2016

A new legislative proposal from the European Union (EU) that creates binding targets for Member States to reduce emissions in the transport, buildings, agriculture, waste, land-use and forestry sectors will hinge on the ability to accelerate low-carbon technology and fuels in the automotive industry.


Energy rb_title.jpg

Flights and fuel push everyday prices 0.5% higher

BBC News, 19/07/2016

The average cost of everyday household goods and services went up by 0.5% in June.

Scots offshore wind ‘pretty much dead’, former minister claims

BBC News, 20/07/2016

A former energy minister has claimed “offshore wind in Scotland is pretty much dead” after a legal challenge against four major projects.


Other News Print machine offset

BT must ‘put its house in order’ – MPs

BBC News, 19/07/2016

BT has been told it must invest more in the business responsible for most of the country’s broadband roll-out – or face the prospect of having the unit taken off its hands.

Truck firms hit with record €3bn EU fine for price fixing

BBC News, 19/07/2016

Four truck manufacturers have been fined a record €2.93bn (£2.46bn) by the European Union (EU) for colluding on prices and passing on the costs of emissions-reducing technology.

Low Cost holidaymakers likely to get just £7.78 refund

BBC News, 19/07/2016

Thousands of holidaymakers who booked travel with Low Cost Holidays may get a refund of just £7.78 each, the BBC understands.

Navy sonar broke whale protection laws, says US court

BBC News, 19/07/2016

Sonar approved for use by the US Navy broke marine laws, a US appeals court has ruled.

What is ARM and why is it worth £24bn?

BBC News, 18/07/2016

ARM Holdings has been often described as the UK’s leading technology company. And while it might not be a household name, many products that qualify rely on the Cambridge company’s brainpower.

UK will not invoke EU Article 50 this year, government lawyer says

Reuters, 19/07/2016

Britain will not begin its formal divorce from the European Union by invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty this year, a government lawyer told the High Court on Tuesday.



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