Risk Digest: 23rd September 2016

Risk Digest: 23rd September 2016

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 23rd September 2016.


Information Security

Massive Data Breach at Yahoo:

It is suggested that there has been a massive data breach affecting Yahoo account holders. An investigation is underway to identify what has happened and who has been affected.


Consumer Watchdog ‘Which?’ Claims Microsoft Received Hundreds of Windows 10 Hardware Complaints.

The consumer watchdog Which? has claimed that Microsoft has received hundreds of complaints about Windows 10 reportedly breaking existing hardware setups.

Construction Design and Management Regs

Health & Safety

Do You Know Your Asbestos Do’s and Don’ts?

Sarah Leake, consultant at Southalls health and safety consultants, explores some of the dos and don’ts of effective asbestos management, as part of SHP’s focus on occupational health.


Are Anti-Bacterial Chemicals Really Better than Regular Soap?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have said that there is no scientific evidence that chemicals used in antibacterial gels and soaps are better at killing germs than soap and water and could even be harmful.


chess pieces on a table in the park

Business Continuity

Companies Preparing for Post-Brexit European Trading.

With Brexit imminent, companies are making plans to continue trading in Europe. Lloyds of London are reported to be working on plans to ensuring trade continues.

Food Safety


Anti-Biotics Still in Fast Food.

Some of the large fast food chains have promised to supply meat that is free of antibiotics. However, a report suggests this is not happening yet.  



Beware Fakes: Potentially Dangerous Cosmetics Sold Under False Pretenses.

Although advertising standards should prevent products being sold under false pretenses, an article in the Daily Mail suggests there are still some areas that avoid the rules of fairness. Companies selling beauty products may imply their products have been scientifically tested and approved. Full article available at;

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Facebook Ranked Social Website of the Month.

According to Ebizmba, Facebook is the top social networking website this month, followed by YouTube in second place and Twitter in third place.


 New Invention Could Save Honey Bees.

The decline of Honey Bees has become a concern over the last few years. Technology is not widely used in Bee Keeping, but a recent invention by an American Company may be able to offer help to Bee Keepers in terms of monitoring their Bee populations. A small box of sensors fits on the the hive, allowing bee keepers to monitor hive temperature and humidity, activity within the hive and even whether the Queen Bee is mating.

Solar Panels


Native American Artifacts Being Destroyed in Construction of North Dakota Oil Pipeline.

Archeologists and museum directors have denounced the “destruction” of Native American artifacts during the construction of a contentious oil pipeline in North Dakota, as the affected tribe condemned the project in an address to the United Nations.



Young Women “Wracked” by Anxiety.

Dr. Carole Easton of the Young Women’s Trust claims that today’s young women in their teens and early 20’s are ‘wracked by anxiety, lack of confidence and despair’. The main areas of concern are Finance, Work and Housing.


Other News 

“Ed Sheeran” Pig Statue Sells for £6,200.

The porcine tribute to the star, dubbed Ed Sheer-Ham, was among 39 sculptures which had formed part of an art trail in Ipswich up for sale.


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