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Risk Digest: 26th May 2017

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 26th May 2017

Information Security

Newly discovered Samba software flaw prompts fears of WannaCry cyberattack repeat

The US Department of Homeland Security announced the issue and warned system controllers to immediately apply a patch.


Hackers foil Samsung S8’s iris recognition technology using only a photo of an eye

The Samsung S8’s iris recognition security feature has been shown to be easily bypassed with “basic tools” by German hackers.

Health & Safety

Three company directors jailed following warehouse death

Three company directors have been sent to jail following the death of a man who fell while working at a warehouse in Essex.


Steel manufacturer fined £200,000 after worker’s hand crushed

A Cardiff based steel manufacturer has been fined £200,000 after a worker’s hand was crushed by a piece of machinery.


FSA advice on pork and pork products

Following media reports, we want to remind consumers of our advice about cooking pork thoroughly.


Aldi recalls Brasserie Gluten Free Organic Pale Ale due to undeclared barley

Aldi is recalling its Brasserie Gluten Free Organic Pale Ale because it contains barley which is not mentioned on the label.


Tesco to trial a phase-out of single-use 5p plastic bags

Select Tesco stores will sell only reusable bags in a 10-week trial that could lead to the single-use bags being phased out in all of its stores


Tiny shells indicate big changes to global carbon cycle

Future conditions not only stress marine creatures but also may throw off ocean carbon balance


Ineos buys Dong Energy’s oil and gas business in £1bn deal

Anglo-Swiss chemicals firm hails acquisition as ‘very logical’ as Danish firm makes progress in switch to renewables.


Oil price falls after OPEC extends production cuts

The price of oil fell by nearly 5% after OPEC nations agreed to extend their current deal yesterday to limit production by nine months.


10 beautiful beaches you can visit in a day from London this summer

Living in London is brilliant but in summer even the most hardened city-dweller longs to feel the sand between their toes and the sea breeze on their face.


Top 10: the best luxury hotels in the Lake District

An expert guide to the top luxury hotels in the Lake District, from Michelin-starred restaurants with rooms to country house hotels, including the best for sumptuous spas, historic interiors, great views and walking access, in locations including lake Windermere, Grasmere and Great Langdale.


Google AI defeats human Go champion

Google’s DeepMind AlphaGo artificial intelligence has defeated the world’s number one Go player Ke Jie.


NASA Fast Tracks Mission To Asteroid Worth ‘Quadrillions’

If brought back to Earth it would collapse the world economy.

Financial Conduct


How has the Brexit vote affected the UK economy? May verdict

How has the economy reacted to the vote to leave the EU on 23 June? Each month we look at key indicators to see what effect the Brexit process has on growth, prosperity and trade in the UK


Debit cards set to overtake cash as most frequently used payment method in UK

DEBIT cards are set to overtake cash to be the UK’s most frequently used payment method by 2018 – three years earlier than previously expected – according to a payments industry trade association.


General election 2017: Latest polls and odds tracker

While still riding high in the general election polls, Theresa May’s Conservative Party is seeing its lead narrow with less than three weeks to go before the general election on June 8.


Political parties vying for first-time voters

As Sky data shows younger voters are concerned about Brexit and jobs, will they succeed where a generation of others have failed?

The Lighter Side    

These pets are nature’s comedy heroes

The search is on to find the world’s funniest pet – from a nose-diving sausage dog to a pony trying its best blue steel.


Tree-climbing, seed-spitting goats aid farming in Morocco

Scientists are challenging the idea that the goats are a menace to the trees because they like climbing them and eating the fruit.


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