Risk Digest: 27th May 2016

Risk Digest

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 27th May 2016.

Information Security / Cloud / Cyber Security  Electronic devices

Privacy Shield Setback After Officials Demand More Time

Android Software Flaw Affects ‘Up To 60 Percent’ Of Devices

Microsoft cracks down on ‘terrorism content’

Japan ATM scam using fraudulent cards nets $12.7m

How to Comply with the New European Data Protection Laws

EU countries call for the removal of barriers to data flows

UK And Half Of EU Member States Back Free Data Flows

G-Cloud 8: apply to supply your cloud services

Environment / Economy  Fotolia_11870004_XS

Britain’s green economy worth £46.2bn, new figures reveal

Solar Impulse aeroplane reaches Ohio

German investor group calls for independent probe of VW scandal

Risks to euro zone financial stability have increased, ECB warns

UK public sector finances: Apr 2016

Cattle drugs could fuel climate change, study suggests

ISO 14001 and 14004: Placing the environment at the heart of business


Health & Safety / Health & Wellbeing  Safety gear kit close up

Wild animals at UK homes include lions, zebras and crocodiles

Zika outbreak fuelled by mosquito control failure, says WHO boss

Anti-cancer jab piloted in gay men

Teen cancer death rate causes alarm

Infections resist ‘last antibiotic’ in US


World News  Hever Castle

Anger over Facebook plus-size ad ban

Cannes 2016: Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake wins Palme d’Or

Migrant crisis: Dozens feared dead in shipwreck off Libya

Hiroshima memory must never fade, Obama says on historic visit


Food  fotolia_300185

Yum’s China split doesn’t look too tasty right now

Royal Society calls for review of European GM ban


Education  Shelf of Old Canadian Law Books

Exam stress ‘among teen suicide causes’

Exam regulator clamps down on re-marks


Technology / Science Tech

NXP V2X Technology Looks To Make Self-Driving Cars A Realitypatch me in #3

Waterstones to stop selling e-books as it ties up with Kobo

Minecraft to launch in China on PCs and mobiles

To halt smartphone slide, Samsung rewrites playbook

With HoloLens, Microsoft aims to avoid Google’s mistakes

Juries ‘could enter virtual crime scenes’ following research

Overwatch aimed for e-sports domination

EU states approve plans to coordinate key mobile spectrum

The long legacy of the floppy disk



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