Risk Digest: 2nd June 2017

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 2nd June


Information Security

Researchers Demonstrate Android ‘Cloak And Dagger’ Attacks

The attacks use ‘design shortcomings’ in Android to silently take over devices and steal credentials, say Georgia Tech and UC Santa Barbara academics.


‘Cash for hacking tools’ sparks debate

Security researchers are considering buying undetected software security vulnerabilities from a notorious group of hackers.

Health & Safety

Nightclub goer blinded in one eye by confetti cannon, effects company fined

A special effects company whose confetti cannon hit a woman in the face – leaving her permanently blinded in one eye – has been fined £16,000.


Beko issues urgent safety warning after tumble dryer causes fatal blaze that killed mother of two

In August last year a coroner found that mother-of-two Mishell Moloney had been killed in her bedroom after a fire at her home sparked by a defective Beko DCS 85W.


 Report reveals scale of food bank use in the UK

Project by Independent Food Aid Network finds at least 2,000 food banks giving out parcels, with demand continuing to grow.


Quorn Foods recalls Chilled Cocktail Sausages

Quorn Foods is recalling the above product from customers and been advised to contact the relevant allergy support organisations.


Climate change could make cities 8C hotter – scientists

Combination of carbon emissions and ‘urban heat island’ effect of concrete and asphalt gives rise to worst-case scenario by end of 21st century.


UK government sued for third time over illegal air pollution from diesels

Environmental lawyers who have defeated ministers twice return to court in a bid to remove ‘major flaws’ from air quality plans.

Energy Saving


UK lobbies Europe to dilute flagship energy efficiency law

Green campaigners warn Conservative efforts to undermine energy targets will lead to weaker climate policies after Brexit.


Proposal for first offshore windfarm has 250 turbines off Victorian coast

Project would generate 12,000 jobs in construction phase and 300 ongoing, says proponent Offshore Energy.


Android co-founder reveals new smartphone to take on Apple and Samsung

The co-founder of the Android operating system, Andy Rubin, has revealed his first new creation since leaving Google in 2014.


Snapchat Spectacles, which take photos and video, launch in the UK and Europe

Snap Inc, the company behind both the product and the social network, are selling the devices online and in special vending machines which will travel around the UK and Europe.


How will the General Election affect the pound?

The pound went up when Theresa May announced a snap general election – so what happens to the currency markets next?


The reason why your insurance bills could be about to rise

Millions of people are set to see their insurance bills increase from Thursday as a tax hike takes effect, according to warnings from the industry.


Why ‘no deal’ would be very bad for British trade if Brexit talks fail

Last night, when interviewed by Jeremy Paxman, the Prime Minister was unambiguous. Time and time again she issued the mantra “no deal is better than a bad deal”.


Theresa May: ‘UK will have brighter future after Brexit’

Theresa May said Britain can look forward to a “brighter future” after Brexit as she sought to breathe new life into the Tory election campaign.

The Lighter Side    

Canada 150: Giant duck’s cost prompts Ontario row

A giant rubber duck is coming to Canada, but not everyone thinks the idea is so spec-quackular.


This Gorilla is a right cheeky monkey

This 30 stone gorilla shows his cheeky side as he pokes his tongue out in front of the camera.


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