Risk Digest: 2nd September 2016

Risk Digest: 2nd September 2016

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 2nd September 2016.

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Information Security

Apple Patches IPhone Spyware Vulnerabilities with IOS 9.3.5

TechWeek 29.8.16

The exploit code dubbed Trident is alleged to have originated from a Middle East Government, and could have turned a Human Rights activist’s IPhone into a spyware device all too easily. Apple has rushed through a patch to solve the problem.


HP Unveils Laptops With Integrated Privacy Screen

Techweek 29.8.16

HP has today unveiled new laptops that feature an integrated ‘privacy screen’ to stop salivating snoopers spying on your on-screen Excel antics.

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Health & Safety

HSE Investigation after Canal Volunteer Dies in Wall Collapse

SHP 30.8.16

A canal volunteer has died while working at Pewsham Locks in Wiltshire, after a lock wall he was excavating collapsed on him.


Engineering Company in Court over Forklift Incident

HSE 30.8.16

An engineering company in Knowsley has been fined after an employee was badly injured when he was struck by a metal structure during a lifting process.



Unilever Recalls Batches of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough 500ml Ice Cream

Food.Gov 26.8.16

Unilever has issued a recall of four batches of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough 500ml ice cream as they may contain small pieces of metal.


Lidl Ireland Withdraws Batch of Alesto Roasted and Salted Peanuts as the Label is not in English: Allergy Risk.

Food.Gov 31.8.16

Lidl Ireland has withdrawn a batch of its Alesto Roasted and Salted Peanuts as the label is not in English. This means the product is a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy to peanut and/or nuts. Distribution is to Northern Ireland only.

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Facebook Changes Trending Topics After Bias Row.

TechWeek 29.8.16

Facebook has announced a change to the way the Trending Topics feature that appears in user news feed is formulated. The Social Networking giant announced the change after it was alleged earlier this year that “left-wing” editors responsible for the content often chose to bury stories they did not agree with.


Blog: Facebook, Frankenstein and Free Speech.

Huffington Post 31.8.16

“The release of the Home Affairs Select Committee Report last week reignited some familiar debates. In what must feel to some in the technology industry a never-ending series of accusations and demands, internet companies were again deemed to be failing in their duty to protect their users from extremist content.”

Autumn leaves


Coca-Cola Hits Global Water Replenishment Target Five Years Early

Edie 29.8.16

Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola has become the first Fortune 500 Company to replenish all of the water it uses globally back to nature and communities.


England Continues to Fall Behind UK Nations in Recycling Performance

Edie 30.8.16

England has fallen to the bottom of an index that ranks home nations on carbon reductions from recycling, after Northern Irish councils displayed a 4.5% increase in CO2 emission reductions in 2014/15.



New Scottish Regulations Lead the way in Energy Savings

Sustainable Commercial Solutions 31.8.16

Scotland’s ‘competitor’ to the much publicised Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), due to be introduced in England and Wales in 2018, has been finalised and will be introduced next month. The approach is markedly different to the plans in place for the rest of the UK.


Notting Hill Carnival Clean Up to Generate 100MWh Energy

Edie 26.8.16

Westminster City Council is planning to collect all of the waste from Notting Hill Carnival and use it to generate electricity for the National Grid – all in time to have the streets clean for the Tuesday morning commute.

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EU’s Net Neutrality guidelines Published

BBC News 30.8.16

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (Berec) – which represents all the EU’s communications regulators – has finally published guidelines clarifying how telecom companies should treat the data they handle, months after a law concerning the matter was published.


Corbyn Promises Broadband for All and Open Source Government.

TechWeek 30.8.16

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to deliver superfast broadband and mobile coverage to every home and business in the UK as part of a digital manifesto that also includes support for open source software.

Mental Health


Health & Wellbeing: The New Sustainability?

Sustainable Commercial Solutions 31.8.16

As a society, more and more of us are adopting city lifestyles and increasingly spending a greater proportion of our time inside (an estimated 90% of our day inside buildings), without thinking too much about how we interact with those buildings and vice-versa.


Why We Should All be Working a Three Day Week: And it’s Good for Business Too.

The Telegraph, 30.8.16

Work. How’s that working out for you right now? After the bank holiday weekend, many of us inevitably find ourselves critically assessing our work-life balance.

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Other News 

BeautyTech: Tapping into a £16.6bn Industry

TechCityNews 27.8.16

A look at how Technology is revolutionizing the ever-growing beauty industry.


Scientists Solve White Mark Mystery in “The Scream”

ITV News 2.9.16

One of the great mysteries of the art world has been solved, and while the identity of the woman in the Mona Lisa remains unconfirmed, scientists have discovered what the white mark next to the figure in The Scream is.


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