Risk Digest: 3rd March 2017

Here’s your Risk Digest for the Week Ending 3rd March 2017.

Information Security

The new scam where just saying “Yes” is trouble

Authorities in the US have warned the public to avoid answering if they receive a phone call from an unknown person asking: “Can you hear me?”


GoDaddy DNS Outage takes down customer websites

Internet domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy has suffered an outage with its infrastructure services relating to the provision of is domain name services (DNS) and website services.


Apple investigates video of smoldering iPhone7

Apple is said to be investigating after a video of a user’s iPhone 7 Plus catching fire and melting went viral on social media.


IT upgrade blunder leaves M.O.D suppliers millions out of pocket

Suppliers to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) say they are still owed millions of pounds nearly three months after a delayed digital purchasing system was put into place, forcing some to take out loans to pay staff.

Health & Safety

Balfour Beatty fined for safety failings

Balfour Beatty Regional Construction Limited (Balfour Beatty) has been fined after flooring at a house-building development gave way, injuring a worker.


Over 100 Royal Mail handbrake ‘incidents’ prompts campaign

A campaign has been launched after it was revealed that there have been 112 handbrake related incidents in the last 12 months at the Royal Mail.


Quorn Mince recall due to potential metal pieces

Quorn Foods Ltd is recalling a batch code of its frozen Meat Free Mince because it may contain small pieces of metal.


How to tell if foods are safe to eat after their use-by date

A report from Wrap found that supermarkets are encouraging people to throw food in the bin earlier than necessary by using potentially misleading use-by dates.


Heathrow unveils new sustainability strategy

Ambitious goals to reduce the Heathrow’s environmental impact have been outlined in a new sustainability strategy.


Fly-tipping clean-up rises for third year in a row

Fly-tipping is on the rise again, with the number of incidents up for the third year in a row, official figures show.

Energy Saving


A zero carbon UK is possible with business backing for clean technology

A new report from research organisation Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) claims that the UK can become entirely self-sufficient for its energy needs, if businesses and policymakers can demonstrate a strengthened support for existing low-carbon technologies.


How talking to air-conditioners could help prevent blackouts

The telecommunications expert envisions an Internet of Things (IoT) integrated energy grid that provides live weather updates, monitors power shortfalls, predicts demand, and reacts accordingly – even utilising smart meters to adjust an entire state’s air conditioners to reduce power consumption.

Mental Health


Easy tweaks to eat more fruit and veg

When it comes to eating healthily, people in lab coats seem to be constantly shifting the goalposts. Now they say our five-a-day of fruit and veg needs to be doubled. We have a few solutions …


Download Guidance on how to manage and reduce stress

he Mental Health Foundation has released a series of publications aimed at helping people understand how to effectively manage their own mental health, including managing and reducing stress, looking after your mental health using exercise and how to manage fear and anxiety.


PM makes case to protect the union of the UK

Prime Minister Theresa May has called on her fellow Conservatives to continue “loudly and clearly” putting the case for the “precious Union” of the UK.


UK power stations ‘could be forced to close’ after Brexit

Nuclear power stations would be forced to shut down if a new measures are not in place when Britain quits a European atomic power treaty in 2019, an expert has warned.

The Lighter Side

Lego to honour five pioneering women who worked for NASA

Lego is set to honour several female scientists, engineers and astronauts who worked for the US space agency NASA following a competition to create new designs.


Ikea introduces flat-packed indoor garden

The Growroom, a spherical garden made from plywood, can be built at home after the instructions were made available to download for free this month.



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