Risk Digest: 6 Fire Safety Tips + More!

A court has accepted a draft text message as a man’s will, 6 fire safety tips, winter blues and how it affects your wellbeing + plus article from around the web!

Information Security

“A court in Australia has accepted an unsent, draft text message on a dead man’s mobile phone as an official will.” Read the full article here.


“GCHQ must become a cyber organisation and make the protection of the ‘digital homeland’ part of its core mission, Jeremy Fleming has said” Read the full article here.

Health & Safety

“A Swindon-based scaffolding company and its director have been sentenced after a worker was left with life-changing injuries” Read the full article here.
6 Fire-Safety tips: “Fire safety is something that all office environments should take seriously, not just for the benefit of the people who work there, but also because it’s a legal requirement for businesses to assess the risks and ensure suitable steps are taken to reduce the likelihood of fire.” Read the full article here.


“Oxford council will phase out polluting vehicles including taxis, cars and buses from city centre area in 2020” Read the full article here.


“We continue to buy new clothes at an incredible rate. How can manufacturers reduce fashion’s environmental footprint?” Read the full article here.


“An ambitious strategy setting out how the UK is leading the world in cutting carbon emissions to combat climate change while driving economic growth, has been published on 12th October by Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark.” Read the full article here.


“We think of decarbonisation as a ‘cost’. But what about the opportunity?” Read the full article here.


“What is it that makes men more likely to end their lives, and how does this relate to the way we manage mental health at work?” Read the full article here.


“Many people talk about SAD, or winter blues, referring to feelings of lethargy and depression that occur during winter months. But what is SAD and could it seriously be impacting your wellbeing? We take a look at the seasonal depression that could be causing distress for thousands of UK citizens” Read the full article here.


“Joe Belfiore says it will continue to support Windows 10 Mobile users with patches but its the end for new features and hardware” Read the full article here.


“Amazon has been selling Kindles for 10 years now, but “waterproof” hasn’t appeared on its list of incremental technological advancements until now. The company just announced a new version of its popular e-reader that builds on last year’s Kindle design and now has an IPX8 waterproof rating.” Read the full article here.


“Roland Emmans is head of technology sector for HSBC. In this piece, Emmans looks at ways in which technology entrepreneurs can get the most out of their bank.” Read the full article here.


“International banks with operations in the City will decide early next year whether or not to move some jobs from the UK, a senior Treasury official has warned.” Read the full article here.


“The government will spend whatever is necessary to make sure the UK is ready for Brexit, Downing Street has said.” Read the full article here.


“First Secretary of State Damian Green has said the country’s circumstances would have been better had the electorate voted to remain in the European Union.” Read the full article here.

The Lighter Side    

“Photographer Andrius Burba, 25, from Vilnius, Lithuania, spent over two years taking pictures of dogs from underneath.” Read the full article here.


“3 Bears break into Colorado restaurant, find no porridge – The salami, however, was juuuuust right.” Read the full article here.


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