Risk Digest: Air Ambulance Asked to Move After Posing a Health and Safety Threat

Government warns essential services to prepare for a cyber-attack, an air ambulance was asked to move due to safety risks, there’s an increase in the amount of organisations with a fund for mental health and more!

Information Security

““‘Up your game!’ Government tells essential services to toughen their cyber defences or face stiff fines” Read the full article here.


“Facebook to provide new privacy tools and information as ‘largest ever’ team aims to ensure company is complaint with GDPR” Read the full article here.

Health & Safety

“Alison Thewliss, the chair of the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on working at height has ‘urged’ businesses to engage with the inquiry ahead of the deadline for responses next month.” Read the full article here.


“An air ambulance that landed on a construction site was asked to move after a worker claimed the health and safety of the public was at risk.” Read the full article here.


“Sushi Daily is recalling a batch of its Sushigari (ginger) sold in jars at their kiosks in some Waitrose and Sainsbury’s stores because the product may contain small pieces of glass.” Read the full article here.


“A mum-of-three who was frustrated by the lack of fresh baby food in supermarkets decided to take matters into her own hands.” Read the full article here.


“Threats to the Australian environment get reported in bursts – a contested development decision or a particular conservation campaign can thrust an issue into the headlines and on to the nightly news bulletins for weeks before a deal is crunched and a “solution” heralded.” Read the full article here.


“Americans are staying home more, and according to a new study, that lifestyle change is affecting energy consumption.” Read the full article here.


“The Turnbull government’s proposed national energy guarantee will protect coal generators from competition provided by renewables and batteries and undermine the efficiency of investment in renewable generation capacity, according to a new analysis.”  Read the full article here.


“The European Union’s auditors will launch an inquest to assess the effectiveness of support for electricity generated by solar and wind power, saying the two play an increasingly vital role in Europe’s energy mix.” Read the full article here.


“The number of organisations with a designated fund for health and wellbeing benefits has risen by a quarter, following a marked increase in stress and other mental health conditions.” Read the full article here.


“The new Guidance note: wellbeing and safety, released by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, provides clearer guidance for institutions to understand their responsibilities to both international and domestic students.” Read the full article here.


“We’ve decided to take a look at the top issues that HR practitioners in the technology sector, should be aware of this year.” Read the full article here.


“A smartwatch which uses body heat to power itself has been developed.” Watch the video here.

Financial Conduct


“Apple sold slightly fewer iPhones in the final three months of 2017 than it did the year before, but higher prices compensated for the dip.” Read the full article here.


“Government officials have held talks with executives from troubled outsourcing firm Capita to discuss its financial woes, but the Cabinet Office insisted it was not in danger of following rival Carillion into liquidation.” Read the full article here.


“Theresa May is coming under increasing pressure to set out where she stands on Britain’s future trade agreements.” Read the full article here.


“A Brexit minister has apologised for failing to challenge a damning claim levelled at the Government dubbed a “conspiracy theory”.” Read the full article here.

The Lighter Side

“It has long been a fascination of humans to be able to communicate with dolphins and whales. Now that appears to be one step closer after a killer whale called Wikie mimicked words including ‘hello’, ‘bye bye’, ‘Amy’, ‘one, two, three’ through her blowhole.” Read the full article here.


“A “super blue blood moon” has been witnessed by large parts of the globe.” Read the full article here.


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