Risk Digest: Banking Trojan Targeting Over 232 Banking Apps has been Discovered + More

An Android banking trojan has been uncovered that’s targeting financial institutions internationally, Pret A Manger are taking action against disposable cups by offering discounts to those who bring in reusable cups, Lancashire police are taking a look at how the Amazon echo could be beneficial for them and more articles from around the web.

Information Security

“US authorities have issued arrest warrants for two Romanian nationals, for allegedly hacking into 123 police computers linked to CCTV cameras, in Washington DC.” Read the full article here.


“An Android banking trojan that targets more than 232 banking apps has been uncovered, targeting financial institutions globally.” Read the full article here.

Health & Safety

“Three councils have taken discount retailer and serial safety offender Poundstretcher to court for a total of 24 breaches at three stores, resulting in a £1m penalty.” Read the full article here.


“Convenience store operator Martin McColl and the shopfitting contractor it hired to build an access ramp outside one of its stores in Wales have been sentenced after two elderly shoppers were injured after tripping on the works.” Read the full article here.


“Companies and people working in food manufacturing are being told they must pay closer attention to how they manage workplace health risks or face serious penalties.” Read the full article here.


“Shortage of funds threatens to jeopardise the World Food Programme (WFP) operations in East Africa, the UN agency has said.” Read the full article here.


“High street coffee chain Pret A Manger has increased the discount offered to customers who bring in a reusable coffee cup, from 25p to 50p.” Read the full article here.


“Repeat bouts of warmer seawater are posing a significant challenge to the world’s tropical corals.” Read the full article here.


“Manchester-based Upside Energy has received £5.5m in fresh funding.” Read the full article here.


“The frigid weather is increasing energy use, but trading is helping utilities meet power demand” Read the full article here.


“In 2018 I don’t choose detox teas and snazzy bullet journals, I choose to be happy” Read the full article here.


“20 tiny pleasures to embrace in 2018” Read the full article here.


“Lancashire Police are seeing how people could submit evidence and receive information about crimes using Amazon Echo” Read the full article here.


“Nic Fearn, editor at Tech Dragons, rounds up the top tech news to emerge from Wales during 2017.” Read the full article here.

Financial Conduct


“Above-inflation increases in Britain’s minimum wage are putting a growing number of workers at risk of being replaced by machines, one of the country’s leading thinktanks has warned.” Read the full article here.


“Potential first-time buyers must typically save for eight years to afford a deposit to buy a home, data suggests.” Read the full article here.


“Tony Blair has warned Jeremy Corbyn that Brexit will make it harder for Labour to deliver its promises if it wins power.” Read the full article here.


“The U.K. needs to be clearer about what it wants from a future relationship with the European Union, according to Britain’s most senior Eurocrat.” Read the full article here.

The Lighter Side    

“The Australian Shepherd was filmed riding a sled down a snowy hill like it’s no big deal.” Read the full article here.


“If there’s anything you need to get you through the post-Christmas lull it’s this horse-riding cat.” Read the full article here.


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