Risk Digest: Are Britons happier after the Brexit vote? + Plus More

University of East Anglia suffers another data breach, research shows that we are happier after the Brexit vote, advice on setting up the iPhone X and more.


Information Security

“The Tor project has released a temporary fix for an issue that could disclose users’ true IP information when they navigate to a specially crafted page” Read the full article here.


“Not again…sensitive health data on university staff member emailed to hundreds of students” Read the full article here.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

“An employee’s foot was crushed by a falling metal grid weighing a tonne, and suffered a broken foot which led to the amputation of three toes.” Read the full article here.


“At a reception in Parliament, attended by MPs and peers from across the political spectrum, the British Safety Council launched its new manifesto, Combating risk in the digital age.” Read the full article here.

Food Safety


“If you are booking a restaurant for your work’s Christmas party this year, make sure you choose a venue that is taking its food hygiene responsibilities seriously.” Read the full article here.


“Marks and Spencer will open fewer Simply Food shops than expected after same store food sales fell in the first six months of its financial year.” Read the full article here.


“An elevated level of climate change would lock in irreversible sea-level rises affecting hundreds of millions of people, Guardian data analysis shows” Read the full article here.


“Space agency [NASA] believes it has finally found the source of the mysterious heat warming the polar cap.” Read the full article here.

Solar Panels


“Energy supplier SSE says it has been in talks with the owner of rival Npower with a view to forming a new UK energy company.” Read the full article here.


“National Grid is training the focus of its multi-billion pound investment effort on the US as political scrutiny in the UK mounts.” Read the full article here.


“In the year after the UK narrowly voted to exit the European Union, there was a small but significant increase in the population’s feeling of wellbeing, official statistics show.” Read the full article here.


“The changing seasons can be bit of a shock to the system, especially as the days grow shorter and it gets colder outside. You may find your energy levels dropping and want to curl up inside and hibernate.” Read the full article here.


“Analysis: There’s a lot to learn about your new iPhone X when it arrives. So set aside a few hours to get everything ready to work properly” Read the full article here.


“A view on social media shared not by some uninformed luddite, but by one of the people responsible for building Facebook into the social media titan it is today.” Read the full article here.


“Seven days after the rise in base rates, just 17 out of 150 providers have passed on improved returns to their savers.” Read the full article here.


“The decision of the Bank of England to raise interest rates for the first time in 10 years prompted an unusual market reaction last week, with both the value of the pound and gilt yields falling sharply.” Read the full article here.


“British employers are having to raise their pay offers to hire new staff and counter a growing shortage of European Union workers ahead of Brexit, a group representing recruitment firms said on Wednesday.” Read the full article here.


“Lord Kerr says that even if Theresa May adds departure date to withdrawal bill, the treaty would allow UK to remain in EU” Read the full article here.

The Lighter Side    

“A concerned pensioner alerted police to what he thought was a Second World War bomb in his garden – but the discovery turned out to be a little less terrifying” Read the full article here.


“Guinness World Records adjudicates some of the more eccentric activities people choose to distinguish themselves in.” Watch the video here.



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