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Risk Digest: Government Urging Businesses To Plan For GDPR + More

The Government is urging businesses to plan for GDPR, A meat wholesaler which delivers food to Weatherspoons is being investigated for food safety concerns, How sandwiches harm the environment and more news from around the web!

Information Security

“Lock down that data! Charities and businesses warned to prepare for implement of Data Protection Bill” Read the full article here.


“Worldwide 978 million internet users lost £130bn to cyber crooks, amidst an explosion in connected home gadgets and a poor grasp of basic security practices” Read the full article here.

Health & Safety

“Claire Awty of Juice Learning takes a look at what a safety culture for 2018 should look like – and how to build for 2019.” Read the full article here.


The HSE has scrapped a plan to align medical checks for workers dealing with licensed and non-licensed work for asbestos at every three years after the idea was rejected by 61% of respondents to last October’s consultation.” Read the full article here.  


“While curry-mad Britons can’t get enough mango chutney, it seems that Americans can’t stand the sticky stuff. That was what popular UK snacks firm Graze found out pretty quickly when it first expanded to the US in 2013.” Read the full article here.


“A meat wholesaler which supplies pub chain Wetherspoon, schools and care homes is being investigated over food hygiene concerns.” Read the full article here.


“The number of sandwiches eaten each year in the UK has the same impact on the environment as eight million cars, scientists claim.” Read the full article here.



“Air pollution management and regulation of chemicals are at risk once Britain leaves the European Union, report says” Read the full article here.


“Imagine having the power to rid the environment of the adverse effects of greenhouse gas emissions emitted by 150 cars! Well, a plastic bag producer in Morocco, Multisac, did just that.” Read the full article here.


“Moving to renewables from fossil fuels will correspond to taking 48,000 cars off the road every year” Read the full article here.


“Libraires across Oxfordshire are staging a series of events to promote mental wellbeing.” Read the full article here.


“It’s often said we’re more risk-averse nowadays, more cautious, more careful not to fail. This is especially noticeable in both the workplace and in education, where the emphasis is on achieving good results, rather than on learning and becoming wiser.” Read the full article here.


“Sky is taking the fight to rivals Netflix and Amazon Video with the launch of a low-cost plug-in stick that will provide access to its films, television shows and live sport such as Premier League matches on any TV set.” Read the full article here.


“None of the five teams involved in Google’s 10-year competition to land a craft on the Moon will be successful by March’s deadline, organisers say.” Read the full article here.

Pension IGCs


“The newfound optimism about the state of the global economy is eerily reminiscent of the lead-up to the last financial crisis, the head of Barclays has warned.” Read the full article here.


“London (Reuters) – British banks approved the fewest mortgages since April 2013 last month and growth in consumer credit slowed, industry figures showed on Thursday, pointing to a weaker housing market this year.” Read the full article here.


“’The Chancellor has let the cat out of the bag with these comments. He wants MPs to vote with their eyes closed’” Read the full article here.


“Britain should be offered a bespoke trade deal with the EU after Brexit rather than an ‘off-the-shelf’ agreement copying that of another country, Ireland’s prime minister has suggested.” Read the full article here.

The Lighter Side     

“A cat who shot to fame because of its permanent frown has won a £500,000 payout in a copyright case.” Read the full article here.


“Nissan Motor Co has launched ‘self-parking slippers’ at a hotel in Japan. No, we’re not sure why either.” Read the full article here.


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