Risk Digest: A similar breakout to WannaCry is spreading through Russia and Ukraine + More News

Ransomware chaos in Russia and Ukraine, Lombok have been prosecuted and fined under illegal logging rules, ways to deal with stress and more.

UK Data Protection Laws Changing

Information Security

“The NHS and the Department for Health have been criticised after Britain’s National Audit Office (NAO) said that it could have avoided the devastating effects of the “relatively unsophisticated” WannaCry ransomware outbreak in May, if they had followed “basic IT security” protocols.” Read the full article here.


“Ransomware is wreaking havoc through Russia, Ukraine and potentially further afield, in a breakout similar to WannaCry and NotPetya.” Read the full article here.

Health & Safety

“Ahead of UK Radon Awareness Week (6-12 November), firms are being urged to act now to comply with upcoming legislation reducing the maximum levels of radon permissible in the workplace.” Read the full article here.


“An 89 year old worker was fatally injured when a reversing delivery vehicle struck her. A clothing and textile recycling company has been prosecuted.” Read the full article here.


“Lidl is recalling two varieties of its Sol & Mar Squid in Sunflower Oil” Read the full article here.


“Drones are delivering food to residents of a Japanese town devastated by the Fukushima nuclear disaster where access to shops is limited.” Read the full article here.


“Tens of millions of people will be forced from their homes by climate change in the next decade, creating the biggest refugee crisis the world has ever seen, according to a new report.” Read the full article here.


“Designer furniture retailer Lombok has become the first UK company to be prosecuted and fined under illegal logging rules designed to stop the import of timber linked to widespread deforestation around the world.” Read the full article here.


“Ofgem should use its powers to impose a wider cap on energy bills more quickly, Business Secretary Greg Clark has said.” Read the full article here.


“Germany generated enough wind power at the weekend for consumers to get free energy.” Read the full article here.


“Stress is a common problem in the UK and can be brought on by fraught work or life situations, leaving you feeling exhausted, lowering your immune system and affecting your mental health. But there are natural ways to help beat stress, including a group of plants called adaptogens.” Read the full article here.


“The darker days and colder weather can bring with them a feeling of low spirits. So, what makes people susceptible to seasonal affective disorder, and what are the best ways to treat it?” Read the full article here.


“Huawei’s Mate smartphones have made a bit of a name for themselves as powerhouse devices that come with long battery life and a big screen. With a 50-hour battery life and premium design, the Mate 10 Pro is no exception.” Read the full article here.


“Sony says it is to bring back Aibo, its famous robot pet dog. The new Aibo is the tech giant’s first entertainment robot in 12 years, and for now, it will only be sold in Japan.” Read the full article here.


“The Bank of England ordered the first interest rate rise for more than a decade, sending mortgage bills higher for millions of families.” Read the full article here.


“Can the UK remain a global financial capital? That’s ultimately the question, as any finance sector job losses will be determined by whether London can retain its cherished status. And it can only be answered by identifying the sources of the City’s success.” Read the full article here.


“The number of nurses and midwives coming to work in Britain from Europe has plunged by 89% since the UK voted to leave the EU, figures have revealed.” Read the full article here.


“Holding another referendum on Brexit would be the most “divisive” moment in British politics for more than 100 years, Lord Hague has said.” Read the full article here.

The Lighter Side    

“Funny photos show cheeky tourists having fun with statues. Though they dot our towns and cities, statues often stand forgotten and ignored. But, not these ones…” Read the full article here.


“A cat in China enjoying its daily cleaning routine becomes shocked when it looks down and realises that it has just been neutered” Read the full article here.


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